Rik Emmett takes fans through the inspiration and development of each song from his recent RES 9 album in a new video offering a track-by-track rundown of the LP.

The clip, an exclusive premiere that you can check out above, finds the former Triumph guitarist revisiting the stories behind each of the 11-track set's songs and offering a more intimate perspective on the collection he's called "a journey through my life."

In addition to offering a sort of creative chronology of Emmett's history, RES 9 finds him connecting with a handful of old friends — including his former bandmates in Triumph, who joined him for the trio's first new recording together in nearly 30 years.

As previously reported, Triumph bassist Mike Levine and drummer Gil Moore collaborated with Emmett on the RES 9 closing track, "Grand Parade." The record also makes room for appearances from Rush's Alex Lifeson and Dream Theater's James LaBrie, who each appear on a pair of tracks.

"The context of this entire album for me was, ‘Wow, somebody tossed me a lifeline,’" explained Emmett in the press release announcing RES 9's release. "I still want to make positive music and offer people something that’s motivating and inspiring — and I want to do it for myself too. I need music, and music can provide that lifeline for me."

That lifeline continues with Emmett's video tour through the songs that make up the new record. After watching his track-by-track commentary, check out the lyric video for the RES 9 track "Human Race."

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