Robin Gibb has been more forthcoming recently about his battle with liver cancer.  The Bee Gees' vocalist initially was denying reports of illness despite his extreme weight loss and emaciated appearance. He later posted on his website that he was 'recovering' from the illness. His spokesperson told London's 'Daily Mail', "It is true to say he is very unwell, but he's an incredible man and enjoys lots of support from his close circle of friends and family, and particularly from his wife Dwina. While he can still use his profile to raise awareness for issues close to his heart he will always do so."

Gibb has reportedly just completed an 8-week round of chemotherapy to battle the disease.  We wish him the very best.  To see more on Robin's fight go to  (via

We wish him the very best.  Check out a video of Robin Gibb performing with the Bee Gees in 1989:

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