Robin Gibb made a return to the stage Monday night (February 13th, 2012) to a standing ovation.  Gibb, who has been battling colon and liver cancer, joined military singers 'The Sodiers' at a charity concert for injured servicemen in London.  He sang the Bee Gees' 'How Deep Is Your Love' and 'I've Gotta Get A Message To You'.

All accounts from the show indicated the his voice sounded great, and the he looked healthier than in recent months.  Gibb spoke out publicly last week about his treatment, and the fact that his doctors say the cancer is 'almost gone'.  Good news indeed.  Robin Gibb is 62 years old, and told the audience before his performance that he 'feels fantastic'.  (via

Take a look at the official charity video of Robin Gibb with The Soldiers on 'I've Gotta Get A Message To You':

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