That unmistakable riff from the Scorpions' 1984 hit 'Rock You Like a Hurricane' is now providing the soundtrack for a nerdy employee's shipment of Fiber One's new line of cookies.

He's met by a series of thunderstuck female customers in this funny new television ad -- leading the stock boy to the wrong-headed conclusion that they're checking him out. We, on the other hand, thought they were stunned by how great this song still sounds, some three decades later. Instead, it appears that this was all about, you know ... the high-fiber cookies.

Of course, 'Rock You Like a Hurricane' remains one of the Scorpions' most enduring tunes. Featured in countless movies, television shows and ads, the track was originally part of their triple-platinum 'Love at First Sting.' It hit the Top 25 as a single, helping to push a Scorpions album into the Billboard Top 10 for the first time ever.

The Scorpions, meanwhile, considered and then re-considered retiring last year. They're now set for a series of European festival dates throughout the summer.

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