After teasing the track for well over half a month, the girls of TWICE — South Korea's most highly regarded girl group of the moment, according to national data — returns today (May 15) with their latest comeback song: "Signal."

And the reaction is..well, mixed.

As we already deduced from the teasers leading up to this moment, the adorable nine-member unit happens upon a not-so-human new friend in the zany accompanying music video. (All good pop stars pay homage to extraterrestrials.)

But it's not the shy Mr. Alien who's the actual weirdo here: all of the TWICE girls have their very own superpowers, ranging from super-speed to invisibility to telekinesis to those Men In Black memory erasing sticks, which they eagerly use throughout the MV while vying for the attention of their well dressed, hard to impress out-of-this-world guest.

It's a good thing this isn't the same Alien encountered in that other movie out right now, or this music video would probably look very different. Except now I kind of want to see that? Work your editing magic, Stan Twitter.

The bubbly uptempo synth-pop bop, composed by JYP Entertainment label head J. Y. Park, is filled with catchy beats and chant-ready attitude perfect for serving up their now signature super cute choreography, including that antenna-head move — clearly the "TT" move of "Signal."

But some Onces (that's Twice's official fan club name) are less than pleased: immediate reactions in the comments section of the video on YouTube, which is currently maintaining a substantial 25% in down votes, range from total disappointment to adoration.

"1st time viewing: its not that good compared to their other hits. 2nd time viewing and so on: OH GOD I'm HOOKED. PLEASE HELP CANT STOP STREAMING TT TT TT," wrote one fan. "Twice can sing well! But JYP have to give them a chance to show their real voice. This song is really weird," said another.

"Worst song i´ve ever heard of them," concluded yet another.

Is "Signal" indeed a miss for TWICE, a grower, or yet another stan-worthy smash that the haters simply cannot handle? Watch the video above and draw your own conclusion.

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