You may have read the stories recently about Sly Stone falling on hard times and living in a van.  Very true.  The legendary front man from Sly and the Family Stone has been homeless for months, and has a well known series of problems involving substance abuse.  Now it seems that he is finally seeking help for those long term addictions to drugs and alcohol.  Sly has checked himself in to rehab.  He also changed his plea in an April arrest for cocaine possession from 'not guilty' to 'no contest'.  That case recently came up in court.


Sly had come out about 'getting serious' about rehab recently.  He says he wants to 'get clean and get back to making music.'   We wish him the best.  The music he created is considered groundbreaking on almost every level, and his performance at Woodstock is widely considered to be the best of the entire festival.  More on the story here at

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