We're midway through 'SNL''s December 2013 run after 'Anchorman 2' player Paul Rudd's star-studded turn with One Direction this past weekend, leaving 12-time host and 'Inside Llewyn Davis' star John Goodman up to bat with Kings of Leon. The first promos for Goodman's 13th 'SNL' turn have arrived, but will the unlucky number prove the repeat host's undoing?

This time paired with Taran Killam, the upcoming 'Monuments Men' star laughs off bad luck accusations of his 13th hosting gig, taking place one day after Friday the 13th, even as a black cat crosses their paths. Goodman's past hosting turns have proven largely successful in their own right, so we'll focus more on the inherent Rockefeller Christmas spirit than any implication of Goodman's latest hosting turn proving unlucky.

Who knows? Perhaps Goodman's turn will add to a few of our favorite 'SNL' skits of 2013, at least before December 21 sees future 'Tonight Show' host and 'SNL' alumni Jimmy Fallon returning to host alongside musical guest, and himself frequent host Justin Timberlake. We'll even forgive the 13-time host for finally breaking down in the final moments of the clip, cracking up at Killam's gags.

Check out John Goodman's latest 'SNL' promos for the coming weekend above, and tell us in the comments if you'll tune in for the one-time 'Roseanne' star's 13th hosting gig, backed by Kings of Leon!

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