Last night, Saturday Night Live took on a target that's been pretty ripe for parody for some time now: the films and work of Tyler Perry, AKA, Madea, AKA, Alex Cross. In the case of this very funny digital short, it turns out that they're one in the same...literally. As in Cross and Madea are split personalities inhabiting the same body and they must work together to solve mysteries. Yeah, it's weird.

Guest host Jamie Foxx (hey, doesn't he have a little movie out in a few weeks?) takes on the role of two Perry characters with enthusiasm, elevating even the lesser moments through what appears to be sheer work ethic. Although he's playing a character who is literally half insane old woman and have stoic police detective, Foxx treats the material pretty straight and the result is incredibly bizarre and well worth watching.

In some ways, the clip is a missed opportunity. It never really goes after what makes Perry's Madea films so strange and never tackles just how bad 'Alex Cross' was, but the warped nuttiness of the whole thing is a worthy substitue for anything coherent. Anyway, check out the clip below:

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