Baking soda, we all have some in the kitchen cabinet or in the fridge. But, who knew about all these ways to use it?

Here's a great video on baking soda. Yeah, I know I thought the same thing. Really, a video on baking soda? I promise you'll find some interesting hacks in the video.

Some of the things included in the video are:

How to make a simple and cheap air freshener.

A really cool little party trick or science experiment for the kids.

Eliminate odors from shoes.

Clean the grill.

Stop a grease fire.

Stop heartburn in a flash.

Get rid of the food stains on your plastic food storage containers.

A really cool explosive ketchup prank. Just don't do this to me, unless you want me to get really mad!

Oh and my favorite? The natural way to unclog a sink drain with baking soda and vinegar!

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