Abilene is well known for having several churches, so it's no surprise that another church has opened in the Key City.  However, this new church has a big twist as Southern Hills Church of Christ will now be holding 'Bar Church' services.

You read right, 'Bar Church' is exactly what you might think it is - a church service held in a bar.  So, instead of church pews, alters, and crosses, you'll have bottles of booze, bar stools, pool tables and dart boards around you.  Will that mean that instead of communion, you'll be able to throw down a cold longneck?  Not likely, because alcohol will not be available during the service.  After the service, is a different story.

In addition to the bar surroundings, the church says, "people can bring their blankets, or, they can sit, stand, and even sit on the floor".

Check out this video describing what 'bar church' is all about

Southern Hills Church of Christ will be start holding church services on March 24 at 11:30 a.m. at the Memories bar located at 541 China Street.

For more info on Bar Chuch, check out their website, Facebook page or Southern Hills Church of Christ's website.

So, will you go check out Bar Church?

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