Spring has sprung in Texas; the summer months will be here before you know it. Many folks I know are already making summer vacation plans, which means a lot of travel for many Texans. I even braved the highways and took a trip to the metroplex this past weekend, and I witnessed some serious speed traps all along I-20.

Whether it's local police, sheriff, or Texas DPS cracking down, speed traps have been around as long as I can remember. Sure, you can say their purpose is to keep the public safe, which may be true. However, I think most Texans are hip to the fact that small towns in Texas are using these aggressive "stings" on speeding motorists to raise revenue. Let's be honest.



According to the resource site Fines and Fees Justice Center, the town of Corrigan, Texas, is among the worst in recent times. The town's 12 police officers stopped over 8,100 drivers, an average of over 500 stops yearly. Now, that's too aggressive in my book.

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But where are these speed trap hotspots in Texas? In an article by the Houston Chronicle, several towns and highways were highlighted as popular locations for these traps. If traveling through these towns on your vacation, take extra caution. Nobody wants their travels ruined with a speeding ticket.

  • Glenrose, Texas on U.S. Highway 67
  • Gregory, Texas on U.S. Highway 181
  • Mt. Enterprise, Texas on U.S. Highway 84
  • Palmer, Texas on Interstate 45
  • Rosebud, Texas on U.S. Highway 77
  • Buckholts, Texas on U.S. Highway 190
  • Savoy, Texas on U.S. Highway 82
  • Sonora, Texas on Interstate 10
  • Estelline, Texas on U.S. Highway 287
  • Lott, Texas on U.S. Highway 77

Remember, while these towns might seem like quiet stops along your way, they are also places where traffic laws are strictly enforced. Make sure to stick to the posted speed limits. It's always better to arrive at your destination safely and without a speeding ticket in your glove box.

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