This Texan was sitting at work one day staring out the window when I observed a spider going about his day crawling along the window sill. I thought for a brief moment about the daily lives of spiders. Sure, we know they spin webs and creep around, but what about their more...private habits? Specifically, do spiders poop?

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As strange as it might sound, this question has piqued my curiosity more than once. According to an article from Rid My Critters, the answer is an absolute yes. Spiders, like most living creatures, do indeed poop. Spiders poo too.



Let's dive into the 'how' and 'why' of it. Spiders eat a variety of things, depending on the species. Some feast on insects, while others munch on plants or nectar. But no matter their diet, they all need to get rid of waste. Spider poop is the leftover parts of what they've eaten, the bits they can't digest. You might think it's gross, but it's a normal part of life.

The fascinating part is how spiders poop. They have an anus, just like most other creatures, and it's located at the end of their abdomen. The waste material, which can vary in color depending on their diet, is excreted from this spot. In some cases, you might even spot small droppings in or around a spider's web.

If you've never seen it happen in action, just watch the below video.

Of course, spider poop isn't like what we're used to with larger animals. It's much smaller and less noticeable. You've probably come across it multiple times without realizing it. It's just another fascinating detail in the complex world of these eight-legged creatures.

So, there is a definitive answer – spiders do indeed poop. It's natural and necessary for them, just like it is for us. While it might seem like a quirky topic, I'm always up for learning something new. So the next time you see a spider, remember they're living their lives just like us, bathroom breaks included.

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