You may have heard that on Tuesday night, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire Republican and Democratic primaries, respectively. One guy who wasn't aware is San Antonio Spurs coach, and notorious mid-game-interview-hater (except for that one time), Gregg Popovich.

Pop had just finished going through some of his greatest interview hits, like:

Interviewer: Pop, your impressions of the first quarter?

Pop: We're behind and they're ahead.

Interviewer: Why is that?

Pop: They scored more than we did and we were pretty crappy on defense. It's been fun.

And then, just as Popovich walked away, thinking the ordeal the NBA forces him to endure was over, the interviewer actually asked a question Pop didn't utterly loathe: "Do you want election results?"

In what must be a first, Popovich -- however briefly -- seemed interested in something an interviewer asked. Then, when told the winners were Sanders and Trump, Popovich resumed his gruff-and-grumpy persona, shaking his head and looking at the floor in disgust upon hearing the news.

Then he walked away, presumably counting the minutes until he has to do this s--- again.

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