GOP Representative Marco Rubio was probably hoping he'd be able to skate by with an impromptu sip of water during his response to Barack Obama's State of the Union address on Tuesday, Feb. 12, but the worst Poland Spring endorsement ever did not escape the notice of political late-night hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert the following night.

Colbert took Rubio's awkward move and exaggerated it, giving his own speech about how hard it is to talk in a hot studio, all while dragging himself across the set like a dehydrated man wandering the desert before quenching his thirst by pouring water all over himself in true 'Flashdance' fashion.

Stewart's mocking, meanwhile, was slightly less subtle and occurred while breaking down Obama's address with the added gags of chugging water, snacking on saltines, making orange juice, working out with a Shake Weight and slathering on lip balm like “an aging French whore” before scarfing down subs.

We're glad that this is the only thing the world will ever remember about this moment in history. We can't wait to explain it to our grandchildren.

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