Steve Hackett points to a recent documentary as proof that Genesis' Hall of Fame five-man lineup can't reunite again as equals. Not after the way Hackett says his contributions were largely overlooked on 'Sum of the Parts,' which was released on DVD and Blu-ray earlier this month.

"When people ask me, 'Is there gonna be a reformation,' I say, 'Look at the documentary and you'll get an idea of the priorities that come across,'" Hackett told ABC News Radio in a recent interview. "And I think it's probably extremely unlikely."

The film project, which brought together Hackett,  Phil Collins, Tony Banks, Peter Gabriel and Mike Rutherford for the first time in years, was pitched as a comprehensive look at Genesis -- both together and as solo artists. But the bulk of the film ended up focusing on the latter-day, hitmaking trio of Banks, Collins and Rutherford, Hackett noted.

"I got on board believing, naively perhaps, that we would all be equally represented," he said. "But the short of it is, I did two hours to camera on my own and two hours with the band sitting around, but it was heavily butchered in the cutting room stage. … And I think something that was presented initially as an idea of something completely democratic ended up being something other than that."

Hackett's Genesis Extended tribute tour, which focuses on his 1971-77 tenure in the band, continues into South America this March. He'll release an album of original material titled 'Wolflight' on April 7.

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