Calling all Genesis fans eager to see a full-fledged reunion in the wake of the recently announced documentary that put the band's 1971-75 lineup back in the same room: guitarist Steve Hackett thinks you might want to adjust your expectations a bit.

Hackett, who left the group in 1977 and has since participated in such projects as Squackett, has been answering reunion queries via Twitter, and if his comments can be taken at (ahem) face value, the group's reunion for the cameras isn't about to spill over onto the stage. "To my knowledge there are no plans for a Genesis reformation including the five of us. We only met to be interviewed for the documentary," he tweeted, adding, "I'm always open to the possibility of a reunion and I hope the others are too, but it's not currently on the table."

Still, even if there aren't any concrete plans, the timing at least seems fortuitous. Singer Peter Gabriel, whose solo career has been marked by long lulls between releases, has spent the past few years revisiting earlier works and appears to be free, while drummer Phil Collins, who took over on vocals after Gabriel left, has been rumored to be mulling a comeback after spending a few years in retirement. And as various band members have repeatedly pointed out over the years, they're all on relatively good terms.

"Every now and again there’s an approach, and then I find myself saying yes and finding it doesn’t really go anywhere," Hackett sighed last year. "I think it would be wonderful, extraordinary, but you’ve got to get everyone to say yes … or at least two guys to say ‘yes’ and hope that everyone else will follow."

The new Genesis documentary, titled 'Together and Apart,' is being assembled by the BBC for an undetermined future airdate.

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