Steve Perry doesn't have any shows on his calendar, but the former Journey frontman hints that he'd like to change that.

"Y'know, Uncle Steve is no spring chicken here," the 72-year-old tells UCR, before adding that he would "love nothing more than to be on stage again."

Perry last toured in the mid-'90s supporting his second solo album, For the Love of Strange Medicine, and made three brief guest appearances with Eels in 2014. He chose not to perform with Journey at their 2017 induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Perry recently released a new holiday album, The Season, and now says he'd perhaps be interested in some sort of residency. There have been proposals for New York and Las Vegas.

"It's been discussed, but nothing has been put together yet," Perry says, but cautions: "I'm a spur of the moment guy. You never know — you might just see me in a nightclub singing a couple of Christmas songs."

The ultimate goal, he notes, is to "have some fun. That's what it's about," Perry says. "There's a component of my voice that I can't find unless I'm in front of people. They bring something out of me that I can't find otherwise. I really hope that's something I get to participate in again."

Perry is also inching toward a follow up to his last album of new material, 2018's Traces. He recently told UCR that he's written two new songs, and has plenty of other ideas in various states of completion.

"The good news is I have too much original material," Perry said, adding that his next project would be "definitely different" from Traces, his first solo album in 24 years. "I just hope people out there want to keep hearing some material from me, but I'm gonna finish the stuff no matter what."

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