Stevie Nicks, Joe Walsh, Don Henley and Keith Richards are among the guests who’ll appear on Sheryl Crow’s final album, she revealed. Confirming the work was set to be released in 2019, Crow also explained why she felt her 11th LP should be her last.

“I’ve got this record in the can and it’s going to come out next year,” Crow told Kyle Meredith in a new interview. “It’s a very collaborative record. People who have asked to collaborate with me, people I’ve loved and I’ve worked with, some heroes of mine for ever.” Namechecking Nicks, Richards, Walsh and Henley, she continued: “I really love the record so much, and at the same time I think, ‘How would I follow that up with an album?’”

Richards appeared on Crow’s 1999 album Live from Central Park, while Henley guested on her 2002 track “It’s So Easy.” Nicks and Crow released three collaborative tracks in 2002 – “C’mon, C’mon,” “Diamond Road” and “You’re Not the One,” and they've frequently performed live together. The pair could have done much more together if Crow had decided to join Fleetwood Mac in the mid ‘00s, but she changed her mind for family reasons. “It was her first Mother’s Day as a mom and she could not [join us in the studio],” Nicks recalled in 2009. “At that point she said, ‘I am going to have to pass.’ I said, ‘I think you are making the right decision. You have a new baby, you have survived breast cancer … I don’t think this is the right thing for you.’ … She is still our friend and I still adore her.”

She also hinted that the material on the album might be more political than in the past, citing the Trump administration as a major influence. “There’s a lot to write about,” she said. “Just this climate of the truth not mattering… it’s a very alarming time.” She added that her aim, after the album, would be to release singles when the mood took her.

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