All week long we've been talking about the hot movie franchises turning to TV to extend their longevity, though in the case of Syfy and 'X-Men' director Bryan Singer's latest co-venture, we only need a dash of something monstrous. Singer will helm a kaiju-themed monster drama pilot for Syfy titled 'Creature At Bay,' putting a new twist on the monster destruction genre for an ongoing series.

According to Deadline, Singer will executive produced the drama with production company Bad Hat Harry, to be written by Warner Bros. sci-fi digital series 'H+' co-creator John Cabrera. Rather than battle giant monsters however a la 'Pacific Rim,' 'Creature At Bay' will take place in the wake of the United States military taking down a giant “Kaiju” monster off the Northern California coast of a small town.

Acting as a central protagonist to the drama will be a middle-management undersecretary tasked by the California Emergency Management Agency to lead the clean-up efforts of the giant creature, as the small town at the center of the story becomes the focus of the entire world's interest. As with many Syfy productions, 'Creature At Bay' will first produce a 90-minute drama pilot script, before the network makes a decision to greenlight filming, or order additional episodes.

What say you? Would you want to see Syfy throw its hat into the kaiju ring with Bryan Singer? Tell us in the comments if you'd watch the monstrous 'Creature At Bay!'

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