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Don’t Worry, Ewan McGregor Is Still Keen on an ‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ Film
One of the hot rumors leading up to this past year’s Star Wars Celebration was that Lucasfilm would announce a standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi film. With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story surpassing even the most optimistic expectations  —  and the casting of Han Solo dominating the news cycle for months on end  —  the continuing adventures of Obi-Wan seemed like a no-brainer for the studio. So fans were a little bummed when neither the announcement nor Ewan McGregor were present that weekend. Had something change since the last time McGregor said he’d be interested in the role?
‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ Gets an Official Release Date
When Lucasfilm initially announced Star Wars: Episode IX, the tentative plan was to release it in theaters on May 23, 2019 — that date was never confirmed, however, and when the studio shifted their releases to December (with the exception of the young Han Solo spinoff), everyone just assumed that it was only a matter of time before Episode IX’s release date was changed, too. That’s definitely not the case, as Disney and Lucasfilm have announced a metric Jabba-ton of new release dates, officially confirming the final film in their Star Wars trilogy for May 24, 2019.
Big ‘Star Wars’ Announcement Teased for 40th Anniversary
Star Wars Celebration is set to kick off in just a few days, and with the 40th anniversary of the iconic franchise on the horizon, fans are expecting this year’s festivities to be extra special — but it looks like we won’t have to wait until later this week for major news from a galaxy far, far away. Good Morning America is teasing a big Star Wars announcement for tomorrow’s episode, but what could it possibly be? The first teaser for The Last Jedi? A revelation about one of your favorite characters?
Unused Carrie Fisher Footage Will Appear in ‘Star Wars: Episode IX’
It’s been a few months since the world lost Carrie Fisher, and while many would prefer to expand the conversation to her accomplishments outside of the Star Wars universe, plenty of people are anxiously wondering how her death might affect her character in the upcoming Star Wars sequels. For some, this can be viewed as a tacky approach to celebrity, but there’s a sweeter side to things as well. Leia Organa remains an icon for people around the world; finding an appropriate way to say goodbye to her character will be, in essence, the way many Star Wars fans say goodbye to Fisher herself.
We Might See Darth Vader’s Evil Villain Castle in Another ‘Star Wars’ Movie
Rogue One audiences were somewhat surprised at the theater when the movie returned us to planet Mustafar for one scene between Sith Lord Darth Vader and Director Orson Krennic. Vader floats inside his bacta tank, soaking up nutrients while contemplating the Rebels’ demise from the security of his Barad-dûr-like fortress of evil. It’s a fun image, and one that we might see again. But probably minus Vader.
Mark Hamill Shares Another Photo From the First ‘Star Wars’ Shoot that Lucasfilm Kept Hidden for Years
Mark Hamill, like many stars who enjoy sharing glimpses of the days before they finally made it big, enjoys posting the occasional photo or two from the sets of Star Wars. Just a few days ago, he shared what might very well be the first ever photo taken of Luke Skywalker in costume out in the middle of the Tunisian desert. Today, another early photo of himself as the young Jedi was unearthed, and Hamill pointed out that Lucasfilm was not keen on letting the public see it for years.
Mark Hamill Shares the ‘Very First’ Photo of Himself as Luke Skywalker
For franchise movie fans, nothing grates on the nerves quite like the lull between the day production wraps on a new movie and the day the first teaser drops. Production has been finished on Star Wars: The Last Jedi for a few months now, and since we’re not quite sure when Disney will be releasing the first trailer for the film, we’re latching onto any piece of information we can get about the new film or any new Star Wars content, period. In short, we’re in the business of reading too much into Mark Hamill’s Twitter account.
‘Star Wars’ Celebration Unveils New Poster, 40th Anniversary Panel Details
This year’s Star Wars Celebration will take place in Orlando (good news for those of you who couldn’t make it across the pond last year), and as it’s the 40th anniversary of the iconic franchise, you can expect some pretty major things. While we wait to learn more about Lucasfilm’s plans for the 2017 convention, the studio has unveiled a beautiful new poster along with a few details regarding the first panel of the year.

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