Hurricane Harvey Knows No Bounds — Interview With The Woodlands Resident
I was taking a look around Facebook when I noticed my cousin, Richard Harvey, Jr. (No relation to Hurricane Harvey) when I saw how bad the water was, even north in The Woodlands. I had a chance to speak with Debra Harvey, (no relation to the Hurricane). She lives in The Woodlands in far north Harris County. She tells us about how things are for them at this time.
Winter Storm Warning
We got a taste of winter a couple weeks back, but now we're in store for a full serving as an arctic blast makes its way towards our neck of the woods. The National Weather Service has issued a Winter Storm Warning for West Central Texas.
Introducing Our New Interactive Weather Page
We're happy to introduce our new weather page - where you can view current conditions, see the five-day forecast, and explore the interactive weather map. You can use it for the latest updates, to plan for the rest of the week, or just to find out what's going on in the region...
Big Storm Keeps Big Country In Deep Freeze
I haven't seen one like this in a long time. Abilene and the surrounding area will remain at sub freezing temperatures through about midday on Friday, February 4th. With overnight lows tonight once again dropping down into the single digits, street conditions are not expected to improve much at all...