It's tough to get on social media without coming across some form of negativity. While we can't change those stories, we can spread random acts of kindness to show the world there is still good out there.

"Tell Me Something Good" and your story just may get featured on the KOOL Morning Show.

We've all come across those who want to Be a Good Human. If you've encountered a feel-good story, then please share it with us.

It could be that nice person that stopped to help you change a tire in the rain. It could be that person that helped you when you were short a dollar at the grocery store. It could be that person that paid for your lunch.

There are a ton of these random acts of kindness and it's time these heroes get their much-deserved recognition for their selfless act.

Give me as many details as you can so we can properly share your story on the show.

Each weekday morning at 7:30 we'll feature these stories on our segment "Tell Me Something Good".

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