There are many funny people and funny things that happen in Texas. Some of the funniest comedians of all time come from Texas. Bill Hicks, Steve Martin, SNL's Andrew Dismukes, Jamie Foxx, and Carol Burnett have Texas roots.

Texas is known for its unique and often irreverent sense of humor. Texas humor incorporates elements of cowboy culture, southern hospitality, and a lot of sarcasm.

With that in mind, Shiny Smile Veneers decided to rank US states on many factors to determine a funny score. Each state was given a score based on the number of residents per comedy club, per comedy festival, and per comedy special host city. They factored in residents per top comedian's home state and search volume per state.

As I was hearing this, I thought surely Texas must be high on the list. Further, by their calculations, Austin was tied with Chicago as the 6th Funniest City in America. Although, I would argue that some of the crazy decisions that come from the State House here would rate Austin much higher.

With all the numbers crunched, where did Texas rank? Did we come in the Top 10?

It turns out Texas is the 29th Funniest State in America, according to their calculations.  They say Kansas, Nebraska, and even Kentucky are funnier than Texas.

At least we can take pride in the fact that Wallethub says Texas is in the Top 10 most fun states.

We are fortunate here in San Angelo. Some of the best comedy tours roll through town. It would be nice if there were a regular spot for comedy. There are definitely times when we could use a good laugh.

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