One thing we Texans take pride in is our state's long and storied history of barbeque (also spelled BBQ, depending on the usage). While you may have a brisket rub recipe passed down for generations or a potato salad that always wins potluck awards, you probably aren't as dedicated to the sacred art of BBQ as this guy from Houston.

On Thursday, January 5, 2022, a Harris County constable received a call about a truck driving down a neighborhood street — while on fire.

The cause of the flames? A lit BBQ grill in the bed of Jay Rojas' truck, which he was driving at the time.

Rojas was proved to be intoxicated using field sobriety tests by law enforcement officers. They also found what was allegedly cocaine in the truck. He was then booked into the Harris County Jail on a DWI and possession of a controlled substance.

Bond and court information for Rojas isn't available at this time.

All safety concerns for the Rojas and other drivers on the road aside, the man deserves some credit for having a lit BBQ pit in his truck bed in the first place.

The modern BBQ grill is no small piece of equipment, and those heavy metal ovens can weigh quite a bit. Having alcohol and illegal substances involved raises some questions about the state of the grill itself when Rojas got it into his truck — did he light the grill prior to loading it into his truck bed? Did he load the grill and fan the flames from atop the truck, then hop out and drive off?

Regardless of the process, this Texan offers us a cautionary tale: leave rolling BBQ pit to the actual pit bosses and keep the white powder out of your grilling shenanigans.

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