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In 2018, a California school district put a monetary value on every student. The Manhattan Beach school district asked parents to pay forward a donation of $47 dollars for each time their child missed a day of school, regardless of the reason.

While this is a hypothetical question right now, there are some school districts in Texas that would like to make sure they get the money they receive from the state for each child’s attendance in school. The main reason is not to punish parents for taking a kid out of school during the school year, but to make sure the district is paid.

Apparently, the reason for roll-call is to count the kids so the district can pay its bills. So, if you have 100 kids absent in the district and each child nets you $47 dollars that means that on any given day that 100 kids are missing for whatever reason the school district is out $4,700 dollars, and like most school districts they run a tight shoe-string budget.

Family With Friends Camp By Lake On Hiking Adventure In Forest

It’s understandable now, why some school districts ask for rules to be put in place to guarantee they get their money to be able to pay their bills. This recent survey from Family Destinations Guide.com revealed that Texas parents are willing to pay as much as a $908.00 dollar fine for taking their kids out of school on vacation during the school semester.

A School Fine vs. Family Freedom bill has been discussed and 76% of Texas Parents think vacation rules and absence fines for school students need to be overhauled. The reason for taking the kids out of school is because when all the other kids are out it’s harder to have a quality family vacation. What do you think?

It’s a hypothetical question posed by FamilyDestinationsGuide.com, to 3,321 parents, with some interesting results. It’s no hidden factor that traveling during peak vacation season is more costly and not as much fun fighting crowds.

Father with two kids travel by car on sea vacation

Source: FamilyDestinationGuide.com

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