When it comes to cheese, it seems the Washington Corru...Elite prefer Dip from Arkansas. More proof for term limits.

When things go wrong for too long around here we're required to make a "one sheet" defining what we do during the day. It's the big bosses way to see if you're sluffing off, or no longer needed. I feel we need to ask for one sheets from the U.S. Senate.

According to Dallas Morning News, there was a little competition on Wednesday among Senate Republicans. Arkansas Cheese Dip or Texas Queso. Sorry Texas. It seems that Queso is a bit too spicy for beltway palates.

Senator Ted Cruz gave a heart-felt soliloquy about the merits of Texas Queso, but the vote went to the dip from Arkansas. Now how much of that is actual taste or dislike for Senator Cruz is tough to say.


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