The COVID-19 pandemic did a number on many Texans, with some losing their jobs while others found their hours cut drastically, and all while supply chain issues drove up prices. Emergency nutritional assistance funds were put in place, but those additional SNAP benefits ended earlier this year.

With many Texans still rebuilding their lives, what does the SNAP carpet being pulled out from under them mean for their household?

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SNAP benefits have dropped dramatically as food prices have increased. KXAN-TV reported back in January that when emergency SNAP benefits ended in March, families would lose anywhere from $95-$400 month in food cost help.

In their forecast for 2023, the US Department of Agriculture predicted food prices would increase by 7.9%, with at-home food prices up 8.6 percent. CBS News reported back in February that while costs of many items and services were actually decreasing, food prices were, as the Department of Agriculture predicted, still climbing.


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It doesn't look like anymore emergency SNAP funds are going to be granted in the foreseeable future. That means families in need have found themselves working with a significantly smaller food budget.

Even the war between Russia and Ukraine is a factor, according to the International Monetary Fund. If you believe this report from CNN, food providers who had raised prices to cover labor and transportation costs have no desire to lower prices now that they know people will pay them, even if ingredient costs have actually gone down.

So Texans reliant on SNAP will be getting far less for the reduced benefits they're receiving, and may need the help of local food banks and charitable organizations.

How long will this grocery store horror show last? I wish I could say.

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