It's starting to feel like we're getting back to some sort of normalcy, after the past year where many things were canceled in and around the Abilene area due to the pandemic. I'm excited to share with you that the Region 14 Education Service Center's (ESC's) 17th Annual Autism Extravaganza is returning to Abilene on Tuesday, June 8th.

This is an annual event that includes the seminars and several fun events as well. And this year the Autism Extravaganza will feature Doctor Paula Kluth, who is a Autism consultant, an author and an educator who works on educating teachers, care workers  and family member on how to create inclusive opportunities for students with disabilities.

Dr. Kluth will teach us how we can all create ways to be more understanding, responsive and engaging in any and all learning opportunities for special needs students. Whether it's in schools or at home, with many parents taking on home schooling during the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. Kluth is actually a special educator that has taught in the classroom and now share her findings and research with all other educators. Dr. Kluth's specialty is differentiating instruction and inclusive schooling.

She's authored or co-authored over 15 books including "100 Ways to Differentiate Instruction" for students from kindergarten thru the 12th grade. Plus “You’re Going to Love This Kid” and "The Autism Checklist" which is basically a 'Practical Reference Guide' for Parents and Teachers as well. Paula is also directed a documentary movie titled “We Thought You’d Never Ask.”

The event is open to educators, family members, caregivers, and anyone who wants to learn about Autism and how to be inclusive and understanding. The Extravaganza will be held at the Beltway Park Church North Campus at 2850 TX-351, Abilene, TX. Social distancing and masks will be required.

Register for the Annual Autism Extravaganza online early at the ESC's website. For more information or group bookings contact the Region 14's Education Service Center via email at or by calling (325) 675-8600. This event is cohosted by Abilene Christian University, Hadrin Simmons University, The West Texas Rehab Center, Workforce Solutions and Hendrick Health Systems.

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Photo by: Abilene Education Service Center/Amber Davies
Photo by: Abilene Education Service Center/Amber Davies

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