As the old saying goes, "it ain't over till the fat lady has sung" and she has done so because the totals are in. The West Texas Rehab Center's telethon and auction raised, $1,202,646. This is not the all-time high for the Rehab center, in fact last year's telethon was, when the Rehab center raised just over 1.33 million dollars. This year's total is the fourth highest  in the history of the Rehab center's telethon and auction.

The 2008 Rehab Telethon raised just over $1.27 million to rank 2nd and in 2007 they raised slightly over $1.26 million to rank 3rd in the history of the telethon's. Dan Huggins director of Donor Relations for the Rehab center said:

“Each year is a special challenge but especially this year with such a great number last year. We had a special one-time gift last year that really raised our total. We are so pleased with this year’s results.”

The West Texas Rehab Telethon and Auction is a multi-day event that kicks off with the auction online about a three weeks prior, then there's the Phone-A-Thon on the Wednesday before the five hour live telethon on Saturday, that is broadcast in 10 cities in three states. Huggins said "the internet auction raised right at $300,000.00, which is running pretty close to the past few year’s totals." The Auction, Phone-A-thon and telethon totals are all combined for a grand total of $1,202,646.

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