It was 42 years ago today that the Beatles' 'Abbey Road' album was releassed in the U.K. (September 26th). The album was released in the U.S. less than a week later on October 1st.

Abbey Road was an album that almost didn't happen. The Beatles had gone through a tumultuous and contentious period during the disjointed sessions for 'Let It Be'. Even George Martin was surprised when Paul McCartney called him and said that the band wanted to do a new album with Martin producing. He remembers telling Paul, 'only if you'll let me produce it like we used to'. McCartney indicated that was exactly what the band wanted, and the rest as they say is rock and roll history.

The Beatles really did want to do one last album working together in harmony as a band. They didn't want to leave things with the 'unhappy' state of the Let It Be sessions as a final effort.

And almost all Beatles fans will agree that Abbey Road is one of their best, if not THE best of the entire Beatles catalog. Check out a video of George Harrison with Jeff Lynne of ELO playing 'Here Comes The Sun' live:

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