Often a character in a movie will be made an accountant to indicate that they're . . . well . . . boring.

But being a movie, this boring accountant has to be put in an interesting situation or nobody is going to want to pay ten bucks to see it.

So, in fact, many celluloid accountants turn out to be interesting and dynamic characters, rather than just soul-less bean counters.

We've compiled a list of five famous movie accountants in honor of tax season, which is also the season of the accountant.

5. Loretta Castorini, Moonstruck

Cher's rational accountant, Loretta, falls in love with Nicolas Cage's wild-eyed, one-handed baker.

4. Jonathan "The Duke" Mardukas, Midnight Run

In this most unlikely of buddy movies, Charles Grodin plays an accountant who's embezzled 15 million dollars from the mob, and Robert DeNiro plays the bounty hunter who has five days to bring him across the country.

3. Louis Tully, Ghostbusters

Rick Moranis portrayed Louis Tully, a timid accountant vying for neighbor Sigourney Weaver's attention, in the 1984 blockbuster.

2. Leo Bloom, The Producers

In the 1968 comedy (that would later become a hit musical), Gene Wilder's Leo Bloom is a panicky accountant taken along for a wild ride with his client, reckless producer Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel).

1. Andy Dufresne, Shawshank Redemption

Serving two life sentences for murders he didn't commit, Tim Robbins' Andy Dufresne uses his accounting skills to to gain favor with the warden and the guards by doing their taxes.

- Contributed by Jeremy Taylor

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