There’s no denying the surge in CW popularity over the last few years, with superhero series like Arrow, Flash and Legends of Tomorrow dominating weekdays, while Jane the Virgin and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend bring home Golden Globes. Still, the network remains relatively small against the big four, so might CW owners look toward yet another cord-cutter streaming service?

According to Bloomberg, CBS and Warner Bros. (CW, get it?) have begun preliminary discussions on a subscription streaming service, similar to CBS’ own launch of CBS All-Access. In particular, talk emerges as the expiration of The CW’s current agreement with station owner Tribune Media Co. approaches, along with those of Netflix and Hulu.

CW viewership is reportedly down 13% overall in the current TV season, the audience of which tends to skew younger than the other networks, thereby less likely to watch live or through traditional means (See: 20% of 2015's most pirated series). Should CBS and Warner Bros. decide on a CW streaming service, estimates put the cost at around $2 to $4 a month.

It’s entirely possible that reports and negotiations push Tribune, CBS and Warner Bros. to keep The CW exactly as is, though many argue that at least some form of subscription service will prove inevitable. Should The CW join the ranks of CBS, HBO, Showtime, and others?

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