Yesterday the new law on incandescent bulbs went into effect. Manufacturers can no longer make the good old fashion, cheap but energy sucking bulbs.

Yes, they are still available in stores until supplies are gone but that will be a while! I've heard there are thousands of warehouses stocked full of the old bulbs.

At my house we've been using the Curly Q florescent bulbs for a few years, but not in every room. We switched to the new bulbs in our bathroom upstairs yesterday. OMG! These florescent bulbs are not the best for a bathroom! They take way to long to warm up. Not the best situation when your in a rush trying to get ready for work! I need light!  I guess I'll have to try the LED bulbs?

The government phased out 75- and 100-watt incandescent bulb over the last few years. But the latest ban will have a bigger effect on consumers because 40- and 60-watt light bulbs are the most popular on the market, according to research firm IMS Research.


I know the florescent, LED and halogen bulbs are energy efficient and last forever but man they are expensive! I hate that they are so pricey, not just for me. Times are tough and people are having to cut corners and might not have the $16 dollars for just ONE bulb!

Have you made the switch?

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