James Gray (The Immigrant) has been developing a film based on David Grann’s best-selling non-fiction book The Lost City of Z for a long, long time. Brad Pitt was originally set to star in the harrowing drama, and his Plan B production banner remained on board even though he eventually dropped out. Now starring Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson, the first trailer (which has since been taken down by the studio) for The Lost City of Z has arrived, offering a sneak peek at one man’s daring expedition into the Amazon to commune with a primitive tribe.

Based on a true story, The Lost City of Z stars Crimson Peak’s Charlie Hunnam as Colonel Percy Fawcett, a British surveyor who explored various Amazonian tribes throughout the early 20th century. One such expedition famously took him deep into the heart of the Amazon, where he hoped to find a lost city of gold. There he spent some time with a cannibalistic tribe before ultimately disappearing without a trace — over 100 similarly daring men have died trying to find out what exactly happened to Fawcett, though many suspect he was killed and eaten by the indigenous people.

Joining Hunnam are Robert Pattinson (with a very awesome beard) as British Army Corporal Henry Costin, and Tom Holland (Spider-Man) as Jack Fawcett, Percy’s son. The film also stars Sienna Miller as Fawcett’s wife, with Angus Macfayden as biologist James Murray.

Much has been written about Fawcett’s expedition, and for more insight you can (and should) check out Grann’s excellent longform article on the subject for the New Yorker.

The Lost City of Z will be released April 21, 2017.

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