What do you call your 'significant other?' One of the exciting things about being in a new relationship is deciding what you will be calling your new beau. Are we going with the traditional babe here or will it be honey? Are you my boo just like the Alicia Keys and Usher song says or will he/she be your sweetheart

Cutesty little nicknames that couples call each other are sickeningly sweet and most of us do have them with our better half which is actually what I call my man from time to time.

Some internet sleuth actually took it upon themselves to analyze based on hashtags on Twitter what the most popular nicknames are in each state for couples.


1. CUTIE-super popular in 9 different states. I cannot say I've ever used this one on my man. Arizona, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Utah, Washington, and Wisconsin use cutie a lot apparently.

2. SHORTY-another I've never used. But in Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia it is popular!

3. BABY DADDY-shocker! This is #1 for Texas yall, are we surprised? Georgia, Michigan, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia use it too.

4. BAE-why is anyone still using this one? I guess we should ask the folks in Florida, Indiana, Louisiana, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.

5. BOO-here is 1 I do use on occasion, just like the fine folks in Alaska, Idaho, North Dakota, and Oklahoma.

  • sweety
  • hubby
  • wifey
  • baby girl
  • hunk

If you have not yet come up with a nickname for your mate, perhaps you can steal one from this list!

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