There's a new drink in town making an appearance on college campuses and it's all over TikTok. Maybe you've heard about a drink called a borg. The word "borg" stands for "blackout rage gallon". College students have been partying with these drinks by their side for a while.  What exactly is a borg? Well, that's where it gets weird.

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Simply put, borgs are usually plastic jugs filled with water, a fifth of vodka along with sweeteners, coloring, and electrolytes. I first found out about borgs from an article I saw from Today. The claim is that the combination of ingredients eases the sting of a hangover the next day.

Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

While it's true borgs do contain elements (such as water and electrolytes) that can definitely reduce the effects of a hangover, they also include a whole bottle of alcohol. Goodness knows I've had my share of hangovers when I was younger. But, I've never understood drinking alcohol on top of a hangover. For me, straight-up water hydration has always been the best bet.

The burning question I have is are these borgs safe? I understand the purpose of the drink is to provide aid and comfort but consuming large amounts of alcohol will bring on a hangover and increase health risks. Binge drinking can be very serious so know the risks and how to get help. With a fifth of vodka contained in borgs, that's around 18 standard drinks. Consuming that much even over a few hours can spell danger.

Learn what goes into a borg from the TikTok below.

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For more on borgs and the reason for concern, watch the video below from Boston 25 News.

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