As the warmer weather is taking hold and with all the scary sever thunderstorm that cause a lot of our pets to want to seek safety from the thunder and lightning a lot of animals are being picked up and/or dropped off at the Abilene Animal Services Shelter. Most of these dogs were picked up and were never claimed by their original owners.

Furthermore, a good percentage of these lovable fur babies were turned in by their owners because they're are being transferred or their new home will not allow animals. So, the Abilene Animal Shelter is way over capacity again and these dogs are in desperate need of some forever home love, now!

The new Director of the Abilene Animal Services Shelter, Justin Lelesch says, "we currently have some spectacular and beautiful dogs. Many of which are house broken and can follow basic commands. The saddest part is, when you look into these animals eyes you can see, all they want is a forever home. Add to that the fact that many of the big dogs we currently have are extremely hard to place"

Justin reminds us, "if you cannot adopt, you may want to "foster a pet" for a short period of time and share with the shelter, their in-home characteristics, cat or child friendly and all the other information future adaptors will be so happy to know in advance."

Donations of blankets, towels and food are always appreciated. The towels and blankets gives each dog a chance to have something soft to sleep on. Donations are accepted at the shelter at 925 South 25th during business hours."

All the big dogs that are currently cleared for immediate adoption will come completely: flea and tick dipped, microchipped, all vaccinations and spay or neuter vouchers. If you can provide a loving home for any of these adorable fur babies, then all that is needed to adopt is to be 18 years of age or older.

The photo's below are actual photos of dogs that are available for adoption as at the Abilene Animal Services Shelter. Hurry as these fur babies don't have much time left and they really need us now.

The Animal Services Shelter is at 925 South 25th Street in Abilene and is open Monday through Saturday from 11 AM until 2 PM and 3 PM - 6 PM. The shelter closes between 2 to 3 pm daily to clean the kennels and feed the animals. The shelter is not open on Sunday.

For more information contact Justin Lelesch at the Abilene Animal Services Shelter at (325)-698-0085. All CDC, State and local guidelines will be strictly adhered to.

April 12th Abilene Shelter Dogs

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