Milkshakes might make for the ultimate summer treat but they can be among the unhealthiest. In fact, a Baskin-Robbins Oreo flavored milkshake once earned the dishonor of being dubbed the “Most Unhealthy Food in America.” The only reason it won is because these weren’t part of the submission process.

Oddee compiled a thorough and thoroughly disgusting looking list of the world’s most grotesque milkshakes.

They include some artery clogging blends of already unhealthy foods that are made twice as unhealthy by adding a couple of scoops of lard injected ice-cream and a giant splash of heavy cream or whole milk.

Some of the more disgusting entries include a buffalo wing style of the famous dessert. It not only include a buffalo sauce blend of ice cream and milk, but it’s garnished with a fried chicken wing, a sprinkling of blue-cheese and a celery stick that loses all of its nutritional value by simply being included.

There is also the evil genius recipe of a bacon flavored milkshake. This actually came from the fast food chain Jack-in-the-Box as a secret menu entry during its “You Love Bacon? Marry It!” campaign.

The worst, by far, is the McNuggetini. It comes with a mix of chocolate, milk, ice cream, vanilla vodka, barbecue sauce and the mechanically separated treat as a garnish.

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