It doesn't matter how old you are, dating is not easy. I have a lot of friends (both men and women) that are back on the dating scene. I think dating gets harder as you get older. Hey, you've been there, done that. And now you know what you want! posted this list of things you should never mention on the first date, unless you don't want a second ;) You probably know these but I thought they were funny!

1.  I’m on a diet.

2. My ex was craaaaazy!

3. My therapist says …

4. You don’t look like your picture.

5. PMS

6. I usually date models.

7. Our waiter/waitress is smokin’ hot!

8. I just went through a bad breakup.

9.  I’ve slept with (insert number here) people.

10 … those naked photos of me …

12. You remind me of my mom/dad/brother/sister.

Can you add to the list? Do you have a first date disaster? My first date disaster? I didn't know it was a date! A group of friends were going out to a movie and a friend had set me up. I had know idea and when I found out, I was horrified! He was really, and I mean really not my type!

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