You would think that I would get tired of writing about Texas road rage incidents, but you would be wrong, dead wrong.

While I certainly don’t condone it, I actually find road rage incidents to be fascinating. The reason is that when someone does something like cut me off in traffic or ride my bumper when I’m going over the speed limit, I usually just cuss them under my breath and then go on my way.

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So, whenever I see someone road raging, I wonder just what happened to push them over the edge.

That’s the thing about rage road incidents that are caught on camera. I don’t recall an instance in which I saw exactly what led up to the incident. So, I’m left to merely speculate.

And as is usually the case, I have no earthly idea what ticked the guy off in the below video. But it was bad enough that he felt the need to get out of his vehicle (if he was driving one in the first place), kick the driver’s side door of the other guy’s car, engage in a screaming match with him, and then hang on to the door as the guy sped away from the scene.

Whatever it was the other driver did, it must have been really bad. Because speaking for myself, I can’t imagine someone making me so angry that I would be willing to risk life and limb by hanging onto a moving vehicle in El Paso traffic.

Out in the west Texas town of El Paso
by u/oddlotz in IdiotsInCars

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