Co-founding INXS guitarist Tim Farriss may never play again after suffering a serious injury in a boating accident on Jan. 26.

The band's official Facebook page confirmed reports of Farriss' misfortune in a Feb. 4 Facebook post, which revealed that his hand was caught in an electric anchor winch, necessitating a weeklong hospital stay.

"The accident has caused permanent damage to Tim’s left hand and one of his fingers has been severed," reads the post in part. "He has undergone two extensive operations to reattach his finger. Tim is now at home undergoing further treatment to assist with his recovery."

"Tim is now home from the hospital with his family and undergoing physiotherapy as part of the recovery process," adds the band's manager, Chris "CM" Murphy. "He is getting the best possible care and we hope with time he will regain movement in his finger. This was a terrible accident, we are all here to support him."

INXS has been on seemingly permanent hiatus since the band announced it was retiring during a 2012 concert, although fans continued to hope they might find a way back to active status. Farriss has shared his gratitude for fans' support in a Facebook post of his own, writing, "I'm overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and well wishes I'm receiving. Thank you all, I'm feeling the love and it's really helping me get through this nightmare."

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