Black Sabbath got a little extra help from the hit CBS series 'CSI' when they released their '13' album, with the show working the band into an episode that found them premiering a song from the new LP. Now, Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi is returning the favor.

"People have been asking what exactly I’m doing at the moment, well, I’m getting back in the studio having tried to make myself rest after the tours," Iommi told fans in an Oct. 29 Facebook post. "I’m writing, mostly just putting ideas down rather than complete songs. I like to create all sorts of moods with my music and then decide later how they might be used. One specific piece, though, is for the 'CSI' TV series that will be aired in the U.S. on Nov. 9th. I was asked if I’d be interested, so I had a look at the footage and came up with an idea they seemed to like. It’s not very long, but it was different working with images rather than just music. I’d certainly be up for doing more."

Whatever Iommi does on the film/TV scoring front, he'll have to fit it into a schedule that now includes plans for a new (and reportedly final) Black Sabbath album and world tour; although no dates have been finalized, singer Ozzy Osbourne says the band will begin putting songs together in 2015.