If you read that headline and thought it was a joke, it's not. Dallas Cowboys quarterback, Tony Romo, is selling his 'love sack' in the name of charity.

Now that your mind is deep in the gutter, I'll explain.

Apparently, the Dallas Cowboys are holding a charity event yard sale to benefit Nexus Recovery Center for Women and Girls this Saturday (June 7th) in Frisco Texas. The sale will feature items donated by families, players, coaches and other personnel of the Dallas Cowboys.

One of those items that will be up for sale, is Tony Romo's old 'love sack', which, according to his wife, Candice, is basically an old bean bag chair that Romo has had forever.

According to Fox Sports, Romo's wife explained that Romo is a bit of a hoarder.

"Every golf club that he's ever gotten, we cannot give away; every T-shirt from high school until now, we cannot get rid of," she said on KRLD-FM. "So what I usually do is, I do it while he's gone and then I hold it upstairs for long periods of time and see if he notices if it's missing. If not, then I put it in the garage sale."

Well, that makes sense that Romo is a bit of a hoarder considering he can't get rid of the football sometimes.

Want to own Romo's old 'love sack', you can go to Frisco, Texas this Saturday.




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