BBQ-ING on holidays is a must in my book. Here are a few ideas that might bring a little smile to your guest's faces during this Memorial Day.

  • Credit: Denio Rigacci
    Credit: Denio Rigacci

    Appetizer-Grilled Guacamole

    You will never eat regular, plain ole guacamole after trying this recipe.Grilled avocados give this a slightly smoky flavor and mixed with garlic, jalapeno, and hot sauce it has a perfect kick.

  • Scott Halleran/Getty Images Sport
    Scott Halleran/Getty Images Sport

    Main Dish-Turtle Burgers

    Ok, so it's not REALLY a burger made out of turtle it's just called that because, well, that's what it looks like. Turtle burgers are a combination of everything you love; cheese, hamburgers, hotdogs and bacon. They do take a little time to assemble but your guests will love these, especially kids. You have both a creative and tasty burger.

  • Credit: VankaD
    Credit: VankaD

    Main Dish-Key West Grilled Chicken

    I like chicken so I'm always looking for new ways to prepare it, especially on the grill. This recipe just seems to have some "summer" flavors and looks really easy to prepare. You make the marinade with soy sauce, honey, lime juice, garlic and oil. Marinate your chicken about 30 minutes and I mentioned earlier you can always add a little of your own flare to suit your taste. I'm thinking served with grilled pineapple rings and maybe a side of rice.

  • Getty Images
    Getty Images

    Main Dish-Hobo Dinner

    This is a simple recipe with easy clean up too! In a piece of foil add a hamburger patty, sliced potatoes, carrots and onion along with seasonings. Place on grill (or in oven) and cook until done. Each person has their own little hobo meal to enjoy and when they are finished they simply throw away their foil! Voila you're done.

  • Credit: HandmadePictures
    Credit: HandmadePictures

    Side Item-Cowboy Potatoes

    I don't have a "real" recipe for the cowboy potatoes because it was passed down from my boyfriend and  like most good cooks, he just "eyes" the ingredients but I believe it's the same recipe (or similar) as what you will find in Tom Perini's cookbook. You cut red/new potatoes into quarters, add some minced garlic, diced onion, oregano, salt, pepper, and butter,  place in a cast iron skillet, cover with foil and  put it on an open fire, in the oven at 400 degrees or set on a grill. When the potatoes are tender and the onions have caramelized then you are ready to eat.

  • Credit: CCat82
    Credit: CCat82

    Dessert-Campfire Banana Splits

    This is great for kids and adults alike. Slice a banana in half, longways, place in foil, add some mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips and/or peanut butter then place on the grill for about 5 minutes. When the marshmallows and chips are melted then you are ready to eat; with a spoon. You can add nuts, coconut, sprinkles and more. Easy clean-up too, by the way.

  • svetlana foote/ThinkStock
    svetlana foote/ThinkStock

    Dessert-Grandma's Grilled Apple Pie

    Looks like anything can be cooked on the grill, including apple pie. The BBQ Pit Boys show you how to do everything you can think of on the grill. Once you've got the crew started on their burgers, chicken, hotdogs or whatnot you can put the dessert on to bake. This apple pie is simple enough and can be done on the grill not in the oven.

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