Recently I've been making a bunch of trips from Abilene to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A big chunk of that road trip is driving on I-20. I love traveling in Texas and I do it quite often but the highways in the Lone Star State can play by their own rules.

It sure seems like Interstate 20 is getting more and more crowded. Hundreds of folks headed to their destinations make for a bunch of cars on the road. Then, you throw the 18-wheelers in there, and things can get congested quickly. During my travels, I've learned some things about traveling up and down this popular interstate. Look below and see if you agree with any of these.

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The Speed Limit of 75 Is Only a Recommendation

Does anybody drive the actual speed limit anymore? Just know that if you're driving the legal speed limit of 75, you could be a hazard. I've learned that hardly anybody drives 75.

You'll Find Great Food Stops Along I-20

Looking for a good chicken fried steak? You'll want to find the Smokestack Restaurant in Thurber. Also, be on the lookout for New York Hill Restaurant in Mingus, and for a great (and cheap) breakfast, hit up the Maverick Travel Center at U.S. Highway 281 exit.

Drivers Who Stay in the Passing Lane

Sometimes folks just don't understand that the left lane is for passing traffic. Yet, they'll ride in the passing lane from town to town. Kudos to these law-abiding citizens for driving the speed limit, they're just doing it in the wrong lane.

Break up the Bordum With Buc-ee's

In the event, you need to make a pitstop look for a Buc-ee's along Interstate 20. If you're like me you can really kill some time in there. From their wall of beef jerky to all of the knick-knacks, it can be a nice break from the tension of navigating the highway.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled for DPS Officers

They're on the highway to keep it safe and they're monitoring your speed. When they clock you with radar, they've got you. It's best to drive the actual speed limit and be cautious. By the way, what's the deal with the speed limit going down to 70 only inside Parker county? I just don't get it.

Come to think of it, there are quite a few silly laws in Texas that don't make much sense. Keep scrolling and see if you agree with any of the below.

7 Weird Texas Laws That Actually Exist

There are plenty of lists of 'crazy Texas laws' that you can find online. Unfortunately, a lot of those 'laws' don't actually exist, or they were appealed a long time ago. However, there are plenty of laws that do actually exist and seem pretty silly. Some of them are very self-explanatory, while others are oddly specific. These are a few weird Texas laws that actually exist.

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