Finals week can get pretty hectic. Any college student will tell you that it involves all-nighters, energy drinks, junk food, Taco Bell, anxiety and not much sleep. Two LSU students even rose to campus stardom for dropping an annual viral video dedicated to Finals Week, and all it's stressful glory.

The struggle of running on empty, coupled with nightmares of failure is enough to drive any college student crazy; and when you throw in a 'Reply All' button things can get pretty serious. Just ask Trinity R. Woods, a UL Student who was desperately searching for the review sheet for her History 222 final.


In desperation, Trinity sent an email to the rest of Dr. Lucas' class looking for the study guide -- but what she didn't realize is that she actually sent her Finals Week S.O.S. to the ENTIRE STUDENT BODY AT THE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA AT LAFAYETTE!

Almost instantly, the hashtags #TrinityRWoods and #twerk4trinity became trending topics on Twitter after her accidental mass email went out around 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday night. It didn't take long for memes to start popping up, as well as a Facebook page called the Twerk4Trinity Foundation - "created for all of those students desperate for UL study guides," gained over 1500 likes in less than 24 hours.

People are making shirts in her honor, and wearing them on campus. Random sidewalk art dedicated to Trinity decorates the walkways at school as many are rooting her on in the wake of her e-blunder. This guy even decided to twerk for Trinity, literally.

Trinity seems to be handling the newfound local fame pretty well, as well the increase in activity (not to mention followers by the hundreds) on her Twitter page @forevrTrinity.


Eventually, she found her study guide for her History 222 final, but the action isn't anywhere close to dying down as many are still just hearing about her epic 'Reply All' fail. As Trinity continues to take it all in stride, the rest of UL student body; as well as the community, is having a good laugh along with her.


Trinity has even gotten Twitter love from the university, and of course we here at Hot 107.9 wish her the BEST of luck on ALL her finals; especially that History final at 6 p.m. We may even take it to the next level and do something special for Trinity. What do you guys think?

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, check out these hilarious #TrinityRWoods memes courtesy of the Twerk4Trinity Foundation Facebook page.