Sometimes, in Hollywood, you have to cut corners. Especially when it comes to television. Some of the most popular TV shows were filmed on sets that were recycled for a completely different series — and you probably never even realized it.

Unlike movies, which often shoot on location anywhere in the world, television shows (and especially sitcoms) predominantly shoot on one fixed set. At least, they did up until around a decade ago. Nowadays, TV series are granted the freedom to be filmed just like movies — and that includes a greater variety of onscreen locales. Even so, a great deal of television shows tend to be shot in or around Los Angeles. And, since ongoing series pretty much have to repeat locations at some point, quite a few places have become famous thanks to the television shows they were featured in.

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But when the same location is featured in two different shows, it can be tricky to put two and two together — especially when the series are notably different from one another. For example, you’re not going to be thinking about a wholesome sitcom like The Andy Griffith Show while watching a sci-fi epic like Star Trek. However, television sets have a surprising way of transforming themselves. In some cases, a show will borrow only a single location from another show, but there are some instances where two shows were practically filmed on the exact same set. Once you find out about these TV show connections, you’ll never be able to watch them the same way again.

Here are ten series that shared filming locations with other popular TV shows.

TV Series That Shared Sets With Other Shows

These famous TV shows shared sets and almost no one noticed.
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