I know Valentine's day is this Monday.  But I am guessing that a lot of couples are celebrating/have celebrated it this weekend.


Guys, you can't fail to act on this occasion, even though it seems like an invented holiday to make us all spend some money.  Even if she says not to mark the day, do it anyway.  You don't want to look bad in comparison with your peers....or more importantly with <em>hers</em>!  Yes she will be comparing notes with girlfriends.

Abilene and the surrounding area actually do have some excellent restaurants to show someone special that you care.  If you don't have reservations by now in one of the nicer eateries, you might want to get creative and prepare a special evening fueled by your sense of romance.

Get busy and do your homework.  I'm preparing a full gourmet meal for my wife of 22 years tonight.  I like to cook, and lucky for me, she enjoys my cooking.  Plus there's no stressing out over crowds or restaurant service if you choose to try my approach.  Just make sure you succeed!  On Valentine's Day, failure is not an option.

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