Vinny Appice is enraged that outsiders confirmed word of Last in Line bandmate Jimmy Bain's death on Sunday aboard the Def Leppard Cruise before his family could be contacted.

"Within an hour and a half, it was all over the internet and confirmed by people that have no business confirming anything about this and not knowing the facts of the situation," Appice says, via Facebook. "We apologize to Jimmy's family and Jimmy's memory about this nonsense that seems to prevail on the Internet to be the first one to post something and attach themselves to a tragedy like the loss of our brother Jimmy."

A cause of death has still not been determined. The bassist had reportedly been fighting pneumonia-like symptoms for some time. Guitarist Vivian Campbell, who pulled double duty on the MSC Divina as a member of both Def Leppard and Last in Line, said that Bain had been drug-free for roughly a year and half.

Def Leppard's first-ever multi-artist ocean tour, dubbed Hysteria on the High Sea, docked today (Jan. 25) at Miami. The ship toured Grand Cayman and a private island.

The remaining members of Last in Line gathered for a public remembrance of Bain while still at sea, in an event that featured Eddie Trunk as the emcee. The band shared videos, a slideshow and stories about Bain during the event, and also played songs in his honor. "It was tough for all, but handled the best it could be," Trunk said, also via Facebook. "My condolences to the band, his fans and his family."

Bain – a bandmate of Appice's in a number of groups, beginning with Dio – had just turned 68 on Dec. 19, and died mere weeks before the February release of the debut album by Last in Line, which features Dio alumni. A pre-cruise party at the Magic City Casino in Miami on Jan. 20 marked Bain's final live performance.

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