Monday, March 21st saw an outbreak of tornadoes twist through parts of Texas. In Elgin, which is about 40 miles northeast of Austin, one driver found out very quickly how powerful a twister can be as their truck was tossed around like a toy. Miraculously, the truck landed on its wheels and the driver literally drove off.

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Watch truck get tossed around like a toy in a tornado

As you can see in the footage above, the truck gets caught up in the twister where it is blown over on its side, spins around, then lands on the wheels. Then the driver just casually drives off as if nothing happened. I'm willing to bet the driver had to change their underwear after this encounter.

Also, it's worth noting that, if my eyes don't deceive me, that's a Chevy truck getting tossed around. Chevrolet might want to think about using this in its next marketing ads.

On a serious note, folks in the area were waking up to quite a bit of damage as videos and pictures made their way to social media.

According to The Weather Channel, only one death has been reported with several injuries from the storm system that also went into Oklahoma.

Our thoughts are with those affected by these deadly storms.

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